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Our Trainers

Donna Shawver

Lead Instructor

(California/New Mexico)

Certified Service Dog Trainer, Behavior Specialist. 

AKC Canine Good Citizen Trainer/Evaluator


In 2001 my life was changed after viewing an episode of “Cell Dogs” on
Animal Planet, which featured a group of dogs that were being trained at a prison.
After contacting a local Non-Profit organization; Canine Support Teams in California, specializing in Service Dogs for the disabled, I began volunteering and subsequently working with their Prison Dog Program.


In 2004, after apprenticing for three years I became a Certified Service Dog Trainer, having assisted with the training and placement of more than 80 service dogs with disabled clients.

In 2008, became the Training Director for PAL Humane Society in Apple Valley, CA and served as the President of their Board of Directors for two years.

In 2011, served as the President and Operations Director of Pathways to Hope/Cell Dogs Training Program; a Non-Profit organization focused on helping others by building prison dog programs, and training shelter dogs to become Service Dogs for Autistic Children. 

In 2011, founded No More Bad Dog Training & Behavior Specialist

In 2012, founded the Paws Of Love Therapy dog program.

In 2019, No More Bad Dog & Paws Of Love murged to take advantage of an opportunity to expand our training staff and offer additional training opportunities.


Currently, in addition to being the Executive Director & Lead Training Specialist for Paws Of Love, I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen Instructor & Evaluator. I also volunteer my time with Good Shepherd Services, a non profit orgainzation dedicated to helping small non profits, who specialize in animal welfare, with their business needs. 


My work with the Prison dog program has included managing seven prison dog programs, the newest one at the California Institution for Women in Chino; training rescued shelter dogs to become Service Dogs for children with Autism. My roll with Sr. Pauline Quinn and Bridges and Pathways of Courage has made me one of the key resources in the United States for starting and maintaining prison dog programs.


 I love dogs and it's my passion to help people achieve their goals of having a well trained, balanced, happy dog that they can be proud to have as part of their family.  Each time someone comes to class excited about their successes with their dog's training, I know I've made a difference in both their lives, which is exactly why I love this work!

Kelly Morgan

Instructor (California)

AKC Good Citizen Trainer/Evaluator


My name is Kelly Morgan and dogs are my world! I volunteered at a rescue for over 4 years. I became one of the main temperament testers, did home checks, advocated for the underdogs, helped with adoption events and took most of the dogs photos for RescueMe. My own dog became a therapy pup at just 14 months old. I enrolled my girls in training classes and I've learned so much from Donna!  I began dog training as an apprentice under Donna Shawver in 2018 and became a certified trainer in 2019 as well as a AKC CGC Trainer/Evaluator.  Now that I've been training for several years, I've obtained the title of Instructor!  I oversee the Therapy Dog visits for Paws Of Love in California and I love all our Therapy Dogs.  I continue to assist with rescues whenever I can and help get dogs placed with their forever families.  Simply put I LOVE DOGS and I understand the human andimal bond and how it can substantially change a life!

Judy Maldonado

Training Advisor (Texas)


Hello, I’m Judy Maldonado.  I began dog training as an apprentice under Donna Shawver in 2012. During my apprenticeship I learned how to train dogs and their humans in puppy, basic and advanced obedience, therapy, and service dog classes.

In 2013 I assisted Donna in founding Paws Of Love, during that time I trained my dog, Nadja, as my Service Dog and Therapy Dog & we became a Paws of Love team. 

I became a AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator in 2014.

Since moving to New Mexico in 2014 I have concentrated on training my own dog, Ziva, as my Service Dog, as well as achieving her AKC titles CGC, CGCA, CGCU, and TKI.

I love teaching obedience and tricks, which I feel enhance the bond and fun between dogs and their people.

Isabelle (Izzy) Busse

Training Advisor (California)

AKC Canine Good Citizen Trainer/Evaluator




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